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Thank you for visiting my website.  As a Husband & Father, Vietnam Veteran, and Small Business Manager, I have learned first hand the issues families face on a daily basis.  Just as families in the 13th District bring a common sense kitchen table approach to solving issues, I will do the same in Washington.  I promise to fight for jobs & rural infrastructure, to protect Medicare & Social Security, agriculture assistance, and Veterans benefits.  We need to put partisanship aside and focus on people.  I hope to have your vote on November 6th!

All my best, Charles Malone

Latest Updates From the Trail

Malone Receives Indy Week Endorsement

Charles Malone received the endrosement of the Indy Week newspaper on Wednesday October 17.  The Indy Week, is a local independent newspaper with circulation in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill.

In endorsing Malone, Indy Week repeated a message Charles has stated on the campaign trail this fall.  This election is about whether we will keep government for the people or government for the few. 

"George Holding, the former U.S. attorney, is essentially trying to buy this seat via his family-funded Super PAC, American Foundations Committee, which is pouring money into his campaign—a half-million dollars during the Republican primary." source: Indy Week, October 17, 2012

"I am pleased to have the endorsement of the local independent newspaper Indy Week," Malone stated. "My campaign does not have the financiall resources to compete with Mr. Holding's, but we make up for that in ideas, ground game, and committment to making this country work for all people!"

Malone Campaigns in Wilson County

Charles Malone with local Democratic Party activists Barbara Dantonio (left) and Beth Punte (right) at the Wilson County Democratic Party Headquarters.  Malone campaigned across Wilson and Nash counties Saturday.

Governor and Mrs. Hunt unexpectedly dropped by for lunch as Charles was campaigning at Papa Jack's Diner located at the intersection of Highway 42 and Highway 581 in Buckhorn.  Was great to talk politics and the campaign with so many Wilson County voters Saturday!

Malone Tours Rock Ridge Farms in Wilson County

Charles Malone, Democratic nominee for North Carolina's 13th Congressional District visited Wilson County Saturday October 6 and met with local agriculture leaders.  Malone toured Rock Ridge Farms learning about emerging markets for Wilson County products and discussed with local farmers the transformation of agriculture taking place in eastern North Carolina.  Malone spoke about the Farm Bill and his support for agriculture.

Malone Campaign Asks, "Where's George?"

Charles Malone, Democratic nominee for North Carolina's 13th Congressional District campaigned across Wake County this weekend, turning up the heat on his opponent George Holding.

"Where's George?" Malone asked supporters at campaign stops.  Malone was referencing tweets sent to Holding's twitter account this past week asking that Mr. Holding tell voters of the 13th District where he stands on the Farm Bill and Veterans Jobs Bill that have fallen victim to partisan gridlock in Congress.

"I'm curious George as to why you can not give a simple yes or no response in regards to if you support these two pieces of legislation that are important to American farmers and veterans.  It's been seven days since we tweeted your twitter account and no response.  The voters of the 13th District deserve to know where candidates stand on the issues.  If elected, I will support both bills because protecting farmers and keeping promises to our veterans is the right thing to do!"

Volunteers Canvass Wilson September 22

Local Teen (and not yet teen) Democrats joined together with campaign staff and canvassed rural Wilson County Saturday. The team took the Malone campaign message of jobs, protecting Medicare & Social Security, passing the Farm Bill, and supporting our Veterans directly to the people of Wilson County meeting citizens at local stores, yard sales and churches.  Several signs were placed at key intersections. 

Charles will return to Wilson County October 6 for a day of events.  To find out more, please email us at 

Malone Deplores Republican Obstructions of Vital Legislation in Congress 

Charles Malone, Democratic nominee for Congress in North Carolina District 13, is charging that Republicans in both houses of Congress seem more determined to win political fights than to help the people.

“I deplore the fact that Republicans in Congress—both House and Senate—seem more determined to deny Democrats success of any kind than to pass much-needed legislation—such as the Farm Bill in the House and the Veterans Job Act in the Senate. Both have fallen to Republican opposition, either by inaction or outright defeat, in the waning days of this session, now adjourned until after the fall elections,” he said.

Malone declared, “I vow to be part of the solution, not the problem, to legislative gridlock, when I am elected to Congress from the 13th District of North Carolina.”

Malone Campaign Sept. 22-24 Calendar

  • 9/22 Democratic Women of North Carolina Convention, 9-?, Raleigh Hilton
  • 9/22 Wilson County Yard Sign and Canvass (Local Wilson County Volunteers will be conducting this event.  Charles will be unable to attend due to other scheduling conflicts.)
  • 9/22 NC Equality, 5-6p, Pilgrim United Church of Christ, 3011 Academy Road, Durham
  • 9/23 Sunday Service, Church of the Nativity, Raleigh
  • 9/23 Phone Bank, Staffed byTeen Democrats
  • 9/24 Wake County Precinct 18-05 Rally, 7-830p, Little Red Hen 5160 Sunset Lake Road, Apex

Malone Speaks to Retired Wilson Educators

Charles Malone spoke Wednesday with a group of retired educators in Wilson and pledged to protect Medicare & Social Security in its current form for those receiving benefits.

"You have worked and paid into these programs with the understanding that a benefit would be provided when you retire.  I promise to work everyday in Washington to fight attempts to turn Medicare & Social Security into a voucher system like Republicans are proposing."

Malone Attends Candidates Forum in Franklin County

Charles Malone attended a candidates forum sponsored by the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Tuesday evening and spoke to local business leaders about his belief in strong private-public partnerships to build small business and create jobs.  Malone stressed his support for a jobs bill designed to rebuild infrastructure, promote rural broadband, and job retraining at local community colleges.

Malone Attends PCB 30th Anniversary Event

Charles Malone, Democratic nominee for US Congress District #13, attended the 30th anniversary celebration of the PCB landfill protest in Warren Conty on Saturday. This event recalled the efforts of the local community to fight against the disposal of hazardous waste in their community. Their efforts, which included civil disobedience, was the birth of the environmental justice movement in America.  Malone walked the 4-mile trek along the original road in a commemorative march with many in attendance who chose to walk in honor of the historic acts of protests on that road.  The march began at Coley Springs Missionary Baptist Church, the site for the early protest strategy meetings. Also on hand were Congressman G. K. Butterfield, former Congresswoman Eva Clayton and State Senator Doug Berger. The key speaker was Dr. Benjamin Chavis, and the Rev. Leon White, a principle activist of the movement, along with Dollie Burwell, another key protester of that time.

Yard Signs Have arrived!

Email us at to request your yard sign!  Show your support for Charles by placing a sign in your yard today!

September 15-16 Calendar Released

Charles, or campaign staff, will be on hand at the following venues this weekend.  Hope to see you at these events. 

  • 9/15 30th Anniversary PCB Event 10a, Warrenton
  • 9/15 Creedmoor Music Festival, Creedmoor
  • 9/15 Black Horse Run Club House Dems Event 4-5p, Raleigh
  • 9/16 1st Cosmopolitan Baptist Church 9a, Raleigh
  • 9/16 Precinct 01-02 GOTV Rally, Raleigh

If you have an event and would like Charles to attend, please contact the campaign at

Malone Volunteers Making Phone Calls

Members of local Teen Democrat Clubs are actively working to elect Charles Malone to Congress.  In the past eight days, the Teen Democrats have placed over 500 phone calls to likely Early Voters. 

"I am thrilled that so many Teen Democrats are volunteering their time to help my campaign," said Charles Malone, Democratic nominee for Congress in the 13th District.

"I know their efforts will help spread our message of fighting for jobs, protecting Medicare & Social Security, and ensuring Veterans have the benefits they deserve," Malone added.

If you can volunteer time to make phone calls to likely voters, please contact the campaign at today!  20 calls 3 days a week means more voters will learn about Charles!

Malone Calls on Congress to Pass Farm Bill

Charles Malone, Democratic nominee for Congress District 13, has called on Congress to put partisanship aside and pass the Farm Bill before adjourning for the fall campaign.

“Our nation is suffering from the worst drought in fifty years and House Republicans are playing politics instead of meeting their responsibility to protect farmers by passing the Farm Bill which guarantees disaster relief,” Malone said.

“Agriculture issues and our nation’s farmers used to spur bipartisan cooperation in Washington but under the Ryan budget, agriculture subsidies, crop insurance, and conservation would be cut by $33 billion over the next 10 years. In addition, the Ryan plan reduces nutritional programs and food stamps by $133 billion in that same period of time,” added Malone.

“My opponent embraces this ethos of cutting spending on the backs of farmers and working class Americans. It is no secret that our nation must reduce our debt, but the crisis facing farmers affects all Americans and government must not forget the men and women who feed the nation. Spending cuts must be done responsibly without dismantling our safety net,” Malone said.

Malone Returns to Goldsboro

Charles Malone, Democratic nominee for Congress District #13, campaigned at Wilbur's Barbecue in Goldsboro stressing his support of Veterans and pledging to take a common sense family budget approach to solving our deficit. Malone also discussed the need to protect Medicare and Social Security while investing in infrastructure and rural development to create jobs.

Malone Gathers With Local Democrats

Charles Malone, Democratic nominee for Congress District #13, gathered with Wake County Democrats and Wake County Obama supporters to watch President Obama's Acceptance Speech from the DNC Convention in Charlotte. Malone shared in the enthusiasm of the President's speech and pledged to join in the effort to Protect Medicare and Social Security, Honor our Veterans, and invest in America's future infrastructure and job creation.

Malone Speeks to Cary Precinct Captains

Charles Malone, Democratic nominee for Congress District #13, spoke to a meeting of Cary Precinct leaders at the local IHOP. Malone was encouraged by the group's excitement for the fall campaign and asked them to help carry his message along with the entire Democratic message to voters in the coming weeks.

"This election is about two distinct views on the role government plays in our nation. My opponent's philosophy is based on three pillars, Cut, Cut, Cut! I ask Mr. Holding, what are you going to cut? Medicare? Social Security? Veterans Benefits? It is simple to say cut, cut, cut but when it is time to govern, we have to prioritize our spending just as families do. I will bring a common sense family budget approach to solving our deficit," Malone said.